Complete Turnkey Solution in Woven Sack Technology


GCL 6V, for Ventilated Fabric

GCL 6V, is the latest innovation in the series of looms which is designed to produce ventilated fabric for special application to ensure air flow and reducing spoilage of perishable products like potato, onion , root vegetables , fruits and other products like firewood, sludge disposal, etc. This special loom is the result of innovative design along with latest state of art technology and skilled workmanship which gives the end product specific advantages like higher productivity at lower operating costs.

The specialised loom is offered to with facilities like Cutter, opener and bigger winder. And produce FIBC packing for vegetables like onion potato etc.. For packing capacity of 500 kg’s to 2000 kg’s therefore making it unique product


Standard Features

  • Equipped with Programmable Logic control system
  • Magnetic sensor system for weft breakage
  • Colour sensor systems for weft exhaust
  • Effective electrical earthing system for warp breakages
  • Gramophonic fabric winding system

Productivity Features

  • Working width, lay flat – 900 mm – 1200 mm
  • Number of tapes – 720
  • Number of shuttles – 6
  • Weft insertion * – 240 – 360 ppm
  • Weft Density or Mesh – 8 -10 mesh
  • No of Vents – 26
  • Energy consumption * – 5.6 kW
  • Core diameter inside * – 35 mm
  • Sleeve length * – 218 mm
  • Bobbin diameter (max.) – 120 mm
  • Diameter fabric rolls (max.) – 1200 mm

* Depending on width of fabric, denier, mesh and speed quality of the tapes

Optional Features

  • Side Slitting and Centre Slitting Device
  • Bigger winder



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