Complete Turnkey Solution in Woven Sack Technology


For High Tenacity Tape

These tapes are made of virgin polypropylene with option of UV treatment, specially developed and designed for the demanding tasks in FIBC and geotextiles applications. It is also known as “TECHNO YARN”

Main characteristics

  • Sunlight resistant
  • Very lightweight (PP and PE tapes have the lowest specific gravity of all tapes)
  • Erosion control
  • Underground drains
  • Vegetation protection
  • Supportive underlying ground structure
  • Railways, roads
  • Tunnel rehabilitation
  • Industrial building
  • Waterproofing of dams, canals
  • Coastal protection, erosion control
  • Water resources management, filtration
  • Liners and covers

Technical benefits

  • Lightweight: Lower specific weight(more material for same weight)
  • Excellent resistance towards acids, alkalis (caustic solutions) and other chemicals
  • Better abrasion results in geotextiles.


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