Complete Turnkey Solution in Woven Sack Technology


GCJ-2000/1300/1300USP/2000U/ GCJV – 1300

GCL automatic jumbo bag cutting machine model GCJ -1300 and GCJ – 2000 are designed to cut PP/PE tubular woven fabric roll is equipped with pneumatic actuation and is incredibly easy to use with minimal manpower


Standard Features

•  Pneumatic fabric loading system
•  Servo drive operated feeding system
•  PLC controlled production monitoring system
• Equipped with with / without spout cutting device in specified shape on request of customer
•  Equipped with web aligning system

Productivity Features

•  High productivity *** 15 to 20 bags per minute
•  Bag sizes from 1300 -2100 mm
•  Bag length maximum 8000 mm
•  +/- 3 mm accuracy in length
•  Diameter of Unwinding cloth upto 1100 mm

Optional Features

•  Centre cutter in various shapes like round, cross and straight shapes
•  V and u shaped cutters are available which are made of nichrome sheet
•  Pick and place models which are controlled through servo drive are available to increase productivity upon customer request
•  Various cutting options like thermal slitting ,ultrasonic cutting are available depending upon applications (the technical specifications remains the same for all the models only cutting options changes )


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