Complete Turnkey Solution in Woven Sack Technology



Technology and Process – Dual Stretch Process for achieving desired properties

Myth: Use of Hot Plate is out dated / Old Technology

Reality: In today’s scenario, the capacity of plants and line speed are substantially higher.
Therefore a two stage processing of Stretching has been adopted– firstby the hot plate and then by the extra-long hot air oven, for gradual stretching.
In the first Stage the yarn is in constant physical contact with the hot plate as it passes directly over the plate(minimum 1700 mm length) which ensures uniform heat transfer using separate zonal temperature control through PID for superior orientation of the polymer. This is a form of Hot stretching. Stretching using rollers used in other designs is a form of cold stretching, as although the yarn is heated while passing over the rollers, the stretching actually takes place between rollers.


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