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Technical Textiles

There are two types of technical textiles – Geotextiles and Carpet Backing Yarn.

Geotextile is a regular polypropylene woven fabric. The difference is in the construction and design of the fabric – in a geotextile fabric the percentage of ventilation is higher. This ventilation, or gap between the warp and weft yarns, works as filter. Geotextiles were originally intended to be an alternative to granular soil filters. These fabrics are generally used in the construction of roads, dams, irrigation etc. the woven process of this fabric is simple and the finished material is packed in rolls according to desired length and width.

GCL Machine lineup required to produce Geotextile*:

Extruder         ->         Winders    ->     Looms     ->    Conversion Line

GS-110B/1400        GCW-200H          GCL-8-1S               GTSM-60


Carpet Backing Yarn is generally known as low shrinkage yarn. It is also called technical textile yarn. Woven carpets need a base fabric bonded to it to maintain the dimensional and woven construction stability and this is what Carpet Backing Yarn is for. Carpet Backing Yarn is produced in a specially designed extruder to control the shrinkage and elongation on the yarn to desired temperature level.

GCL Machine lineup required to produce Carpet Backing Yarn*:

Extruder           ->       Winders

GS-110B/1400          GJW-250-MG



*Please note this is a standard set of machines required to produce Technical Textiles. It can be further customized to suit each customer’s needs.



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