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Small Bags

Small bags are generally known as LOW GSM fabric (below 100 gsm) widely used to pack sugar, cement, food grains, chemicals, and fertilizer etc.  Small bags are produced to carry lighter weights and come in a variety of forms – laminated, un-laminated, printed, BOPP coated, as well as with an inside lining to ensure safety against leakage, dust accumulation and pilferage.

These bags are generally produced in smaller sizes on high capacity, high speed looms to get maximum production. Small bags consumption is comparatively more than other bags in the market. These bags are produced and printed as per customer demand, according to the required end-applications.


GCL Machine lineup required to produce small bags*:

Extruder        →         Loom          →   Cutting & Sewing   →  Bale press

GS-110B/1400  →    GCL Ultra-6    →           GCS-40           →   GBP-40



*Please note this is a standard set of machines required to produce small bags. It can be further customized to suit each customer’s needs.


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