Complete Turnkey Solution in Woven Sack Technology



FIBC bags are generally known as Big Bags or Jumbo Bags. These large, specially designed bags are generally used to transport a large volume of granular material. The design of these bags depends upon the kind of material and quantity to be packed in them. These bags are easy to handle, easy to transport, easy to store, and are also easy to unload/deliver the material packed in them.

FIBC bags are made out of polypropylene woven fabrics in heavy-duty, bigger capacity looms to meet the requirement. These fabrics are specially designed to permit the required air-flow through the fabric into the bag. A duffel, or flap is often used as a top closure, and a bottom spout is utilized as a discharge facility.

GCL Machine lineup required to produce FIBC*:

Extruder     ->   Looms  -> Jumbo Cutting mc  -> Bale Press -> Web Cutting Machine

GS-130B/1500    GCL-8-1S        GCJ-2000                 GBP-100            GWC-250

*Please note this is a standard set of machines required to produce FIBCs. It can be further customized to suit each customer’s needs.


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