Complete Turnkey Solution in Woven Sack Technology



The products manufactured using the GCL range of machinery have a wide variety of applications:

  1. Small Bags – These bags are the back bone of the industry. They are used to pack Cement, Sugar, Fertilizer, Seeds, Rice Grain, Pulses, Wheat Grain, Flour and a number of such products.
  2. FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Carriers) – Commonly known as Jumbo bags, these bags are a common sight at the various airports and seaports. They are used to pack fabrics, raw material for textiles, and agro products like grains, pulses, sugar, cement etc. The carrying capacity of these bags varies from 500 kgs to 2500 kgs.
  3. Tarpaulins – Every truck and every farm today makes use of tarpaulins. It is used to cover material freighted on trucks, to cover the trucks themselves, and to cover the farm products on farmlands. These tarpaulins come in varying sizes from 6 feet to 24 feet.
  4. Technical Textiles – This a rather late entrant in the field and gaining popularity at a very rapid pace. It meets the needs of the construction industry, the agro industry, as well as the handloom industry.
  • Construction – Known as Geo-textiles, these fabrics meet a wide range of applications, from road construction to landslide protection, and construction nets.
  • Agriculture – Commonly used as greenhouse covers and artificial/manmade pond-liners
  • Handloom – Used mainly as carpet backings. It is a light and strong fabric that is used to cover the backs of expensive carpets to prevent the woven wool from disintegrating.


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